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Accounting Service


Accounting is the main tool for controlling the operations carried out by companies. Economic activities flow in an accounting process, which is used by different users for decision making.

Today more than ever, in an increasingly competitive world, there is a conviction among companies, and in particular businessmen, of the need to outsource certain services in order to focus their efforts on the strategic activities of their business. .

Our firm provides the Accounting Outsourcing service that consists of the use of a specialized external firm to provide services in the Accounting area, thus allowing the financial management of the economic entity to have the support of a team of people, beyond of the concept of a single accountant, especially due to the tax implications that generally involve the commercial activities of a company.

Among the processes that we will carry out to keep your accounting are:


  • Accounting and analysis of operations

  • Preparation of Financial Statements (Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, Notes to the Financial Statements)

  • Preparation of reports required by the different control entities

  • Preparation and presentation of tax obligations

  • Settlement and registration of imports

  • Conversion of Financial Statements to International IFRS Standards

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Implementation of IFRS for SMEs and FULL IFRS

  • Analysis of accounts of the Financial Statements

  • Report to partners with reasonable information 

  • Generate financial accounting information that is reliable, accurate and timely


  • Concentration on the organization's own activity

  • Reduction and simplification of the accounting structure of the organization, significantly saving the fixed costs of having an internal accounting department, as well as payment of bonuses and vacations, among others

  • Effective planning minimizes tax risks and contingencies

  • Generates accurate and timely accounting, financial and managerial information

  • Access to top-level technological resources without this implying high costs

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